New version of Metronamica released

Posted by Roel Vanhout on 2009-11-18

We are happy to announce the release and immediate availability of the latest version 4.1 of our flagship product Metronamica, the premier land use modeling package for planners and researchers.

In addition to the many new features already found in version 4.0 of Metronamica such as an all-new redesigned user interface, extensive scenario management functionality and a broad range of analysis tools, this new version adds support for a regional interaction model to more accurately capture the complex effects of the competion between areas for resources such as jobs and inhabitants on a spatial scale above the local level.

For more information on Metronamica, land use modeling in general or a demonstration version of Metronamica, don't hesitate to contact RIKS's managing director Hedwig van Delden at