As specialists in land-use change and regional development RIKS facilitates planners and policy makers to make better informed decisions. For over 20 years we have been developing and working with state of the art spatial decision support systems (SDSS) that explore possible future developments of cities, regions and countries. With these systems we support planners in analysing and assessing the effects of policy measures in scenario studies and through what-if analysis.

Most of our work is carried out in projects, which can include the modelling of land-use changes, the development of SDSSs, scenario studies for future land developments, and research on land use change and methodologies to simulate this. In our projects we actively collaborate with partners and clients in the devellopment process as well as the implementation phase. Therefore we regularly provide training or workshops in which we teach users how to work with our systems.

Typically the development and implementation of an SDSS is a major effort, which includes several of the abovementioned activities and which needs to be coordinated carefully. As RIKS has many years of experience in this field we also provide management services related to these projects and processes.