Training and workshops


A key factor for the successful implementation of spatial decision support systems is a thorough training in use of these systems, the underlying concepts and the interpretation of their results. Therefore RIKS regularly provides workshops on these topics. Depending on the interest and experience of participants these workshops range from introduction courses on the use of Metronamica to elaborate workshops on the application and calibration of our tailor made systems for specific cases. Therefore we provide a range of courses for the Metronamica land-use model, from the standard, one-day introduction courses to advanced calibration courses. These courses are organized a few times a year and advertised in the news section.

Because our tailor made systems are unique, they require dedicated training material to ensure that participants get acquainted with all aspects of their SDSS and work with their own data. In the context of the Xplorah project a group of some 40 people from the Puerto Rican Planning Board, was trained extensively in the use of their system to support policy analysis. Similarly a number of New Zealand policy makers were trained in the use of WISE within the Creating Futures project.

In addition, as experts in the field of spatial and integrated modeling we regularly present at conferences and seminars on topics closely related to our current research. Additionally we also give guest lectures to universities in the Netherlands and abroad on topics such as cellular-automata modeling, agent-based modeling, model integration, calibration and validation, policy support and the development and implementation of spatial decision support systems.