As an expert in the field of integrated dynamic modelling, information systems, design methods and software implementation, RIKS is specialised in the support of policy-makers working on complex spatial problems. And with success. Since 1988 RIKS builds and maintains Decision Support Systems for a number of organisations throughout the world. This is often done in collaboration with local partners and colleagues selected from an elaborate network of partner institutes and companies.

Our staff members, some of whom have been working as a team for over 10 years now, have extensive experience in the field of modelling and software development as well as the application of models and information systems to support policy-making. Thus, RIKS is equipped to carry out a variety of tasks in the typical development cycle and the use of sophisticated information systems and in particular Decision Support Systems. Tasks to mention are: problem analysis, knowledge acquisition, qualitative and quantitative modelling, architecture and design of the system, implementation of the software system, documentation, distribution and maintenance of the DSS, training on the use of the DSS, and facilitation and assistance in the application of the DSS to practical policy problems.

In order to provide you with examples of our past and ongoing work we have entered a selection of projects in this page. Each project is described very briefly only. For some projects material can be downloaded, including demonstration software, manuals and reports. If you are interested in more information on any of these projects or if you are interested in collaborating with RIKS in your ongoing or new projects, please feel free to contact us.